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The Empowerment Council (EC) is a unique community of young professional women and men who support The Women’s Foundation of Colorado by fundraising, creating community events, and generating awareness about the work of WFCO and the barriers women & girls in Colorado face on their paths to economic advancement.

We are passionate about making sure every woman and girl in Colorado achieves her full potential. If you are too, join today!

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Empowerment Council Meetings

Contact Krissy Vaio at ec@wfco.org or 303-285-2967 for information on attending an upcoming meeting.


As young philanthropists, EC members commit annually to making a $500 donation to support WFCO's grantmaking efforts and contribute to the sustainability of the organization.

  • Your support will help continue to knock down barriers, such as a lack of affordable child care, that keep more than 500,000 women at or near the poverty level in Colorado.

  • Your support will help implement programs that are proven to keep girls on track to graduate from high school, lowering Colorado’s current dropout rate of nearly 4,500 girls a year.

  • Your support will help ensure that women and girls have access to the education and training to open doors to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers, providing higher lifetime earnings and more entrepreneurial opportunities.

Empowerment Council: CataLYST Series

Real community conversations about making tangible changes to help women and girls in Colorado reach their full potential.

Join the Empowerment Council and community members for a deep dive into each of The Women's Foundation of Colorado's focus areas. Each event in the series will feature a panel of experts who will discuss important issues facing women and girls in Colorado. Learn about our prevention and intervention community partnerships and enjoy networking with other community members committed to the cause.

In 2015 the Empowerment Council hosted three important conversations on empowering girls to graduate; preparing, recruiting, and retaining women in STEM; and the impact of child care affordability on low-income single moms. Stay tuned for 2017 Catalyst Series Events.

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Jessica McHugh"I joined the Empowerment Council so that I can support the incredible work that the Women’s Foundation is doing in a meaningful way. EC provides an opportunity to connect with an amazing group of women who care about the women & girls of our state. We want to be sure that every girl in Colorado will have the opportunities to succeed. We work to raise awareness on behalf of women’s issues in Colorado, while having fun and supporting each other along the way!"

- Jessica McHugh, 2015 Empowerment Council Chair

Lara Nochomovitz"I joined the Empowerment Council after attending WFCO’s annual luncheon in 2013. I’d been invited by a board member whom I admire greatly, and America Ferrara moved me to tears.  I knew immediately that I had to be a part of the organization.  WFCO has only continued to impress and inspire me since that time, through its research, initiatives and strong, successful, engaged supporters including the amazing women on the EC."

- Lara Nochomovitz, Empowerment Council Member



Monique Schaefer"I joined Empowerment Council in 2009 because of the extraordinary group of women involved. It felt like I found my tribe: younger professional women, passionate about issues facing women and girls, and wanting to be a part of the philanthropic community."

- Monique Schafer, 2014 Empowerment Council Co-Chair and current PEP Club Member

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