2017 WFCO Direct Service Grantmaking Committee


The Direct Service Grantmaking Committee is a newly established committee to support the implementation of the grantmaking priorities identified by the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan. The committee advises the WFCO Board of Trustees on grantmaking decisions regarding the direct service members of the Livable Wage Cohort, based on review of all letters of interest (LOIs), proposals, and reports submitted by direct serivce applicants and grantees, as well as participation in learning opportunities with the cohort. 

Responsibilities of Committee

Up to twenty committee members will be invited to serve for a three-year term, beginning in August 2017, and will have the following responsibilities: 

  • Participate in a training about WFCO, grantmaking goals, and the grantmaking process on Tuesday, August 8 from 1 pm-3:30 pm
  • Review and rank LOIs
  • Review and rank proposals 
  • Participate in site visits with applicants 
  • Participate in grantmaking selections and recommend grantees to the Board of Trustees
  • Monitor grantee progress through updates from WFCO staff
  • Review renewal grant applications from year-one grantees and recommend future grants
  • Participate in learning opportunities with the cohort
  • Future meetings will be determined and shared at the orientation to the extent the internal timeline allows

Makeup of Committee

WFCO strives for the committee to be a diverse body of Coloradans committed to supporting women and girls across the state. Through service on the committee, members will learn about our community and issues facing women and girls, and develop as leaders and philanthropists. 

WFCO seeks Committee members who:

  • Come from communities across the state of Colorado and represent the rich diversity of residents in the state with respect to many aspects of social identity, including:
    • Age range
    • Education level
    • Gender
    • Immigrant or refugee status
    • Race, origin, or ethnicity
    • Sexual orientation
    • Veteran status
  • Have community knowledge and/or experience relevant to our focus area, including:
    • Childcare/Early childhood education
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    • Economic development
    • Experience with public assistance programs
    • Finance
    • Human services/Social work
    • Job training/Workforce development
    • K-12 education
    • Nonprofit sector
    • Philanthropy/grantmaking
    • Postsecondary education
    • Public policy
    • Research/Program evaluation
    • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields
    • Vulnerable populations
  • Demonstrate a passion for and interest in women and girls achieving a livable wage
  • Value diversity and inclusiveness

For a full committee description please click here

To Apply

If you are interested in serving on the Direct Service Grantmaking Committee, please complete this interest form and email your resume or curriculum vitae to Louise Myrland, WFCO vice president of programs, at louisem@wfco.org by June 30, 2017 with the subject “Grantmaking Committee Interest Form.”  If you have any questions, please contact Louise Myrland via email or phone, at louisem@wfco.org or 303-285-2973, or Alison Friedman, manager of programs, at alisonf@wfco.org or 303-285-2972.  

Individuals who submit an interest form will be contacted by July 21, 2017 about whether they have been selected to serve on the Direct Service Grantmaking Committee in 2017, or other ways to engage with WFCO, including future opportunities to be considered for committee membership.   




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